Series Rules & Guidelines




These North Eastern Championship Regulations to apply in addition to the ACU National Sporting Code, Standing Regulations for Trials and the Supplementary Regulations for each event.


The Series will comprise of 8 events, one per month as the ride calendar allows, from March to October utilising the best venues for Youth Conducted trials.


Open to C, D & E youth riders as defined under TSR1. (A & B may ride the routes on a no points basis.)


Engine capacities and wheel sizes as per TSR1.


Any rider, including Youth A and B, wishing to ride in a class lower than their age or machine group may do so only on a no points basis.


Routes and Classes

Hard Route. (Yellow number) – Open to C Class (Any Wheel) and Experienced D Class (Medium and Small Wheel).


Medium Route (Red Number) – Open to D Class (Medium and Small Wheel) and Inexperienced C Class (Any Wheel).


Easy Route (White number) - Open to E Class (Medium And Small Wheel) and inexperienced D Class (Medium And Small Wheel).


For guidance several Electric Bike manufacturers use bicycle tyre sizes in their model grading. A 20” bicycle tyre equates to a 16” wheel and is therefore classed as a Small Wheel. 24” is classed as a Medium Wheel.



Cut Out Device. All competitors’ machines must have cut out devices rigidly connected to the rider by lanyard (max length 1 metre) so as to stop the engine should the rider and machine be parted.


Assistants. Some events may utilise part or all of the Adult Easy (white) route for the Youth Conducted Hard Route. (In which case the rider’s number will be coloured appropriately). If the rider has an Assistant riding a motorcycle but not as an entry in the Adult event, the Organiser should charge an Assistant’s fee (suggest £7.50) to cover insurance etc. and the Assistant should be issued with identification. (Suggest the letter “A” in front of a number). The Assistant must not ride any of the sections and must be on a bike with trials tyres.


Children Act Legislation. For Minors Under 14, the parent or legal guardian who signed the ACU Annual Parental Agreement must be present when the rider competes.

The point of contact for Child Protection issues will be the Secretary of the Meeting unless otherwise stated in the Supplementary Regulations.

Championship Points. A rider can only gain Championship points from one class in one year.

1st 20 points, 2nd 17 points, 3rd 15 points, 4th 13 points, 5th 11 points, 6th 10 points, 7th 9 points, 8th 8 points, 9th 7 points, 10th 6 points, 11th 5 points, 12th 4 points, 13th 3 points, 14th 2 points, 15th 1 point.

Should a Tie occur it is to be resolved in accordance with TSR23.


Final Assessment. At the conclusion of the series, the points for each rider’s performance from all rounds held will be added together and the rider with the highest number of points to his credit will be the winner. Should a tie occur it is to be resolved in accordance with TSR23.


Awards. There will be an Awards evening at the end of the Series.


Observed Sections. Each observed section or subsection must be attempted in the order in which they are numbered, except where a class is instructed to start other than at Section 1, they must still attempt the sections consecutively.


Method of Marking. As per TSR 22B No Stop.


Behaviour. The Observer's decision is absolute and final.


The Organisers believe in setting the right standards for the sport's future riders and developing them to compete in future National Championship events. So no bad language, no challenges to the Observer's decision and no alterations to sections, (kicking stones) especially from over enthusiastic competitive parents.

Promotion: A new section has been created on the MECVC.org.uk website to publish news, results and championship standings. The information will also be shared on the N.E. Trials Facebook page.


Contact Details:


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