Observer's Information

All Observers will be fed, watered and appreciated.

If possible, please let the Organiser know in advance that you intend to Observe and if you have limitations that would affect the type and location of section that you can Observe. If you have an off road bike or off road vehicle that may, on some events, be helpful to access remote sections. Again, please discuss with the Organiser.

As the Observer, you are the Clerk of the Course's official at that section. Do not permit bad behaviour or language, from Competitors or their helper / supporter. Your decision is final and if there is any abuse from a competitor or a helper / supporter, make a note of the rider's number and report it at the end of the event.


On arrival at the section make sure you know the route for each course. Red/Blue will
mark the main course, Pairs of Whites will mark any alternative gate for the Easy Course and pairs of Yellows similarly for the Hard course. If there is no White or Yellow alternative the rider rides the Red/Blue gate.
If there is any doubt ideally the Clerk of the Course or his representative will be around to ensure all Observers are clear on the routes, if not, you can discuss the route with the first riders to arrive but YOU, with their help if necessary, decide on the route you expect them to ride. It won’t be the first time that a section has been marked incorrectly.

CONSISTENCY is the number one thing. For example, there’s sometimes a lot of leeway given on
issuing a FAILURE due to the machine not moving forward. I personally allow a slight pause and
count to 3 for the Easy course riders and 2 for the Clubman / Hard, but whatever you do keep it

NON-STOP OBSERVING (Points scored 0, 1, 2, 3, 5)



CLEAN              A rider traversing a Section without FOOTING or FAILURE.               Points "0".


FOOTING        If any part of the rider’s body or machine, (with the exception of the tyres and sump shield) touches the ground. Footing once.   Points "1", Footing twice. Points "2". Footing more than twice. Points "3".

FAILURE        Points "5".

i) The machine ceases to move in a forward direction.
ii) The rider dismounts from the machine. Dismount will be
deemed to have occurred when both of the rider’s feet are on the
ground at the same side of or behind the machine.
iii) A machine does not stay within the intended limits of the
section as defined by the Observer.
iv) If any wheel of the machine crosses any boundary tape or goes
over or the wrong side of a marker, whether the wheel be on the
ground or airborne.
v) The rider is held responsible for displacing any marker or
support in an observed section whereby the observer considers it
necessary to reinstate the flag/marker prior to the passage of the
next rider. The displacement of any marking not relating to the
competitor’s route will also be considered to warrant a failure.
vi) The machine or rider travels in a forward direction against the
direction of the Section.
vii) The motorcycle crosses its own track with either wheel.

viii) The machine, or rider receives outside assistance.
ix) A rider or person having an interest in a rider’s performance, in
any way alters the severity of a section without the authority of an

Not attempting a section when called upon to do so by an official.  Points scored "10". This score is also given by the Clerk of the Course if the rider is deemed to have missed a section i.e. no entry on the Observer's sheet.  A rider is allowed to request a "5" from the Observer if the rider feels the section is too difficult.