Memberships are now open for 2019, why not become a member and offer your support.

With your membership you will be helping MECVC continue to put on amazing events new and old.


We are all volunteers and every bit of money that is raised by the club stays at the club, it helps us buy equipment and hire land so you and your children can ride or drive safely and most of all do something you love.

You will recieve a membership card with a unique number, this number also allows you to renew your ACU licence and get discounts on certain events.

One of our main aims is development, bringing new faces of all ages into motorsport.

we have a very successful conducted series in trials riding for the children and young people led by Graham Knight, he is highly respected in the organising and running of conducted trials.  Your membership helps us and the children/young people have and continue to have a safe and enjoyable Conducted Series.

Please support us by filling in an application form and offering your support.

The membership is £15 but that allows you up to 4 family members, and one number for the ACU Licence application. if you require additional ACU numbers they are free to Youth riders and £2.50 extra each for Adults.