MECVC Event Information


26th January 2020. Dene Howl, nr Castleside, DH8 9BW

Adult: Expert, Inter, Novice + Youth A,B,C,D,E

Three Adult courses plus a small Youth Conducted (Medium and Easy level)

The Hard Youth Conducted, suitable for Medium wheel petrol and experienced 20" Electric do four laps of sections 1 to 6 of the Adult Easy Course, sections 7 to 10 Easy will be set more challenging for the Adults.

Start Time: 11.00am

Entries £15 adult, £5 youth, £5 Youth Conducted Hard Route Assistant (see note)

Observers warmly welcomed and will be fed.

Weardale Event Catering will be in attendance.

NOTE: New as a test:  The Hard Youth Conducted Route is a bit long for parents to keep up with the bikes on foot, but its still within range for an electric on Lithium batteries. Therefore we've introduced a £5 entry fee for an Adult (must be over 18) to accompany a Youth on the Hard Conducted Route on a bike as an Assistant. (This covers the insurance). One Assistant only per rider, Assistant must have ACU Licence, be on a Trials Bike with Trials Tyres, and is NOT permitted to ride any sections. There will be a separate entry form and Assistants wil have the letter "A" for their number board.