MECVC Series Standings

Final Standings 2020

Here are the final scores in the MECVC LDT championship.  Congratulations if you’ve done well.  However, the Class winners are all awarded a solid silver congratulations, a virtual handshake (in line with covid regs) and maybe a four finger Kitkat (Plain choc). The real prize is enjoying the events, which makes all the entrants winners – hugh thanks Bernie & team on behalf of all the riders, I think he has succeeded in that.


We are all now looking forward to the 2021 events, the first will be on the 13th and maybe 14th March.

              For those of you who have heard rumours of a two day event, the concept at this stage is the Durham Dales Trial on the Saturday and possibly a bit of a non competitive trail run (which may pass through a few sections!) on the Sunday, finishing early afternoon to allow travel home. Details will emerge –  watch this space.

               I think its time to re-affirm that all bikes are welcome (subject to regs) in the events. However, they will be set out with trail bikes in mind and so that modified road bikes can cope (these are the real heros). If you have a dedicated trials bike you are welcome, but may find the sections aren’t too testing. We want to run events that all can enjoy.

               There has been good feed back regarding the riding in self marking groups and the quantity of unsurfaced tracks between sections, so those aspects will stay for the foreseeable.

               Thanks for entering, we hope to see you and your mates next year.

Graham Lampkin