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The Durham Dales LDT 2021


New ACU Permit for Saturday 17th July 2021 applied for.


A couple of riders had to drop out due to the change of date but have been replaced by new entries so current (19.3.2021) list of 60 riders shown below. 

If COVID restrictions are totally lifted by July there's a possibility of increasing the number of entries.  This will be on a first come first served basis from the Reserve List.

Anyone wishing to be added to the Reserve List, please submit a completed entry form but no payment until advised.

THE DURHAM DALES          Was scheduled for Saturday 13th March 2021

with the option of an informal BUG Ride with Graham Lampkin on the Sunday. 


The Durham Dales is M-ECVC's annual  Long Distance Trial that gives competitors the opportunity to experience the wonderful Durham, Cumbrian & Northumberland Fells & Dales

Fillable Entry Form

Complete on screen, save it and then email to entries.mecvc@gmail.com Pay details at the bottom of the entry form

Printable Entry Form

Print, complete, scan or photograph and send to entries.mecvc@gmail.com or post to address at bottom of entry form. Pay details at the bottom of the entry form.

M-ECVC are happy to publicise a BUG Ride  on the Sunday following the Durham Dales LDT. 


Not sure what a BUG ride entails, then see the Facebook page

M-ECVC Durham Dales 2021

Paid up entries to date 19.3.2021