About M-ECVC

The Middle England Classic Vehicle Club, now better known by its abbreviated name M-ECVC, was established by the current Chairman Bernie (Maddog) Pugh in order to run the Durham Dales Classic Trial, the first of which took place in 2014.


Since that event the club now has its feet well and truly established in several areas of the sport of trials.

The Durham Dales is the premier Long Distance Trial (LDT) event and continues to be run annually.

The Modern trials section of the club currently runs four Adult events a year, the available venues offer sections that are not the typical N.E. Centre rocky gullies. The land provides sections more equivalent to Southern Section trials with hills, grass banks and mud, when the weather assists.

The Club successfully ran a Youth Conducted Series for several seasons, however, for 2020 the Club decided to help resurrect and improve the N. E. Centre Youth Conducted Series. The club was to provide the admin. support and website facilities needed for effective promotion as well as including the M-ECVC rounds. Unfortunately, after all the planning, COVID 19 prevented the events from running

In 2019 the M-ECVC introduced a Long Distance Trials (LDT) Series for bikes, with sections based on the Classic style. The series continued in 2020 and is planned for 2021.