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Durham Dales LDT 2019 Report and Press Release

by Graham Lampkin

Wow, how good was that? Having moved the date to the 10th of March (from May), the MECV
Club took the risk of worst weather, but that provided a fantastic trial.
The sections were in prime condition for the forty three bikes that started (up 30% on last
year). The few cars that entered were sent first, making the sections ideal for the main event
– the bikes. There where all types of bike, a Honda C70, one rigid and some pre-70 british
bikes, several twinshocks and modern trail bikes, a couple Honda Africa twins and three
sidecar outfits. The sections were so well set out that all could cope well. Even the adverse
weather didn’t spoil the sections, although it made the route less pleasant, a few retired and
one section buried in the snow was cancelled.
The sections were varied. Gentle grassy bankings, stream crossings, stoney tracks – nothing
too steep, nothing too tight, nothing too difficult. All the 14 observed sections were
challenging and fun. There were two timed sections as well to be used as tie breaks.
Unfortunately the so many entrants invented unique routes through the cones of one timed
section and this was all recorded in such a unique fashion, that its results were discounted.
The simplified rules, the great sections, the quiet roads, attractive scenery (when you can
see it) the cheerful welcoming Club with the ‘bring what you’ve got and enjoy’ attitude – no
wonder entries are rising. The club is holding two more bike only similar events this year, on
the 14th July and 6th October. Each will have fresh sections and cover slightly different areas.
All three MECVC events and the results of two other Clubs events will count to the new
MECVC LDT championship.
The final verdict was the happy faces of the contestants at the end of the event, and some
are already trying to book entries at the July event. Thanks must go to all the Marshals who
the braved adverse weather conditions. No wonder this Club is going from strength to

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Report and Press Release

by Graham Lampkin

When it finally arrived, what a great day. The weather was warm & dry, the traffic light.

39 entrants lined up at the start, all sorts of folk on all sorts of bikes. There were Hondas from monkey bikes, step throughs to dedicated trail bikes. Old British rigids were well represented as were the springers, modern trail and adventure bikes were numerous. From 50cc to 450cc, something to suit all tastes.

Section 1 (Anderton’s Alley) was a U shaped track on moorland. A good one to warm up on. Section 2 (Old Mills) a stony byway that caused few problems. Section 3 (Mad Dog) was another stoney track, this time down hill with a re-start followed by a slalom that a grass snake would have found tight.

It was then through Alston on the road to section 4, the timed section - a straight forward blast along the track. The route then crossed the road & went along a B.O.A.T. back through Alston and up the hill to Blagill, a field with 4 sections on the hill side. 3 out of 4 were a good tests of skill, but safe (first & last with restarts), the 3rd section was a straight forward climb up the grassy hill.

More road and another 2 B.O.A.T.s to Beaumont, a classic undulating track with a restart. More road work to Steve’s Pleasure where 2 more sections waited, a straight blast up the moor, crossing a few ditches, and a track across the valley bottom including crossing the river. The first caused few problems but dropping into the river demanded caution.

Further down the lanes lurked Chicken Hut 1 & 2. These are grassy climbs and were great fun to finish with.

The Club had then arranged an excellent Sunday lunch for all entrants (included in the entry fee) and marshalls (free), creating a friendly atmosphere for the comparison of notes, tall stories etc. This went down well with all, and all expressed what a good day they had.

The next fun packed day is October 13th – watch the website MECVC.org.uk for details


!st Class A Paul Farley

1st Class B Adam Lynam

1st Class C Lee Abbott

Press cutting from Old Bike Mart Sept. 2019

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