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Who's Who in the M-ECVC

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Bernie (Mad Dog) Pugh

Chair Person, Treasurer and Facebook

I have always had a love of Bikes since my Dad got me a N S U Quickly in the Sixties, then a BSA C15 and told me, when you can start it you can ride it. So I played the Nick off School and pushed it to the Venter Pit Road and bumped it, feet didn’t even touch the bottom. It was worth the Good Hiding when he came in from work.

I have competed and helped out in all forms of motorsport, two and four wheeled over the years and get pleasure seeing others enjoy a day out doing what they love.

I did my first ( Classic - Long Distance Trial ) in the early Eighties with a mate. The venue was like a scene from Mad Max at 02.00 in the morning as the competitors started, and that was me hooked and I’m still loving it.

Graham Lampkin

Deputy Chair

Hi, I’ve been asked to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I’d like to say I’m an elder statesman of biking, but grumpy old git might be more accurate. Born, bought up in Kent I moved to Lancashire ages ago, and still live there. That’s why I speak funny.

I’ve ridden motorbikes for longer than I want to remember, on and off road. A lifetime in the construction industry has taught me to say it as I see it.

Not sure (probably don’t want to remember), how I got involved with this Club. Started as a entrant, it’s a poacher turned gamekeeper situation, a burden I carry.

I think there is a great demand for the sort of event Bernie runs, and helping out is a small price to pay and a pleasure.


Graham (Lampy) Lampkin