Next Long Distance Trial
Saturday July 16th 2022

Next LDT Saturday 16th July 2022,  Regs. and Entry Forms available now from Graham Lampkin on the M-ECVC facebook page or contact direct on

LDTs – what are they?

This club firmly believes should be a great day out. They are aimed mainly at trail bikes and older trials bikes to keep the sections reasonable, and the rules are aimed at keeping these events accessible to all. Do not confuse them with enduros.

ALL riders will need an ACU Trials Registration Card if the ACU issue the event permit. They are not expensive and the Club can help you obtain them and explain the process .

THE COURSE A route from 76 to 100 miles long, There will be 15 - 20 observed sections with possible one timed (to act as a tie break). The route will be rural lanes and unsurfaced tracks where ever possible. Some section may have a restart – more of that later. No one but entrants and officials are permitted to ride on the private section of the course, and entrants must not deviate from the route. Riders will be informed of opportunities to buy fuel on the route, but it is the riders responsibility to ensure they can complete the course.


The sections cannot be inspected, to pass the starts card before your attempt will incur a penalty.

A rider must enter a section from a standstill at the section begins marker and then maintain continuous forward motion.

The sides of the section will be an imaginary line that smoothly flows through the markers each side, any rider that crosses this line will be judged to have left and failed the section at that point.

Restarts will be marked by a flag both sides of the section with a R on them, the rider must stop astride that line and when told by the Marshall pull away without sliding or rolling backwards. Footing immediately after the restart will also constitute a failure.


TYRES must be road legal trials type, or others no more aggressive that ACU TSR 8.  If you have a trail bike with enduro tyres you may enter the Guest class twice to sample the events, but after that you must use trials tyres (which are still effective on trails). If in doubt consult Bernie Pugh or Graham Lampkin.

MOTORCYCLES All machines are to be road legal (unless public highways are not used) and the entrants must conform with traffic laws. This is the entrant’s responsibility and any not doing so will be disqualified and may have future entries refused.

Machines do not need to be fitted with lights. However, we recommend they are, because if conditions demand the use of lights & none are fitted, the bikes not fitted with them cannot proceed unless conditions improve.

All machines are to be fitted with ball ended handlebar levers. Pivoting footrests are highly recommended even if the machine originally had non pivoted footrests fitted (old trials bikes).

There will not be a ‘bike rescue vehicle’, so it is recommended that entrants carry tools, puncture repair equipment etc.


BEHAVIOUR Marshals and other officials are valuable people and must be treated accordingly. Similarly, the Club rely on private landowners and work hard to gain permissions. Entrants (or their entourage) who abuse or offend officials, the public, do not respect and owners etc will be disqualified and future entries may be refused. Any offensive or antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated (this includes excessive speed off road).

All entrants must inform the Club in writing, as soon as possible, of any damage they may have caused, accidents or incidents they have been involved in or witnessed.

Regs for July 16th 2022


Total £5,000 as of March 2022

All surplus funds from M-ECVC events are donated to charity. The Club's chosen charity is currently The Great North Air Ambulance Service .

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The next club meeting is scheduled for 1130 Monday 30th May 2022 at The Brown Horse Hotel, Tow Law.



LDT       Saturday 16th July 2022

LDT       Saturday 8th October 2022

Supplementary regulations and entry are available on this site NOW .        Notice will be given on Facebook.